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2020 Independence upcoming fall programming:

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Kids! Two Week Workshop – Theatre Games, Improv, and Scene Study for Actors

In this two-week workshop, we will be exploring fun and energetic Theatre Games, Improv, and Working on a Scene with a Partner!

Each class we will be learning fun actors’ warm-ups, improv games, and scene study skills techniques.  Students will have the opportunity to learn about new plays when assigned their scenes.  Students will learn through teacher guidance and interaction with classmates. 

Class Format: Online
Oct. 14-22 (4 classes)

Wednesday + Thursday
5:30-6:30 p.m.   
Ages: 8-13     
Limit: 10 participants
Instructor: Alvin Temple


This course emphasizes both the theoretical and practical experience in the technical aspects of play production, including scene design, set construction, scenery painting, rigging and equipment, properties, and the manipulation of stage scenery. Students will participate in shop procedures and practices, safe tool usage, material selection, and fabrication methods.

Class Format: In Person
Nov. 9-20 (6 classes)

Monday + Wednesday + Friday
6-8 p.m.   
Ages: 16 +      
Limit: 10 participants
Instructor: Courtney Ospina

Theatre Camp: Let’s Perform a Play

Let’s perform a play!!!! In this two week class, we will write, direct and produce our very own digital play!

Class Format: Online
Nov. 23-25 (3 classes)

Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (1 hour lunch)  
Ages: 9-14
Limit: 8 participants

Film I: The Foundation
Perform on-camera acting exercises
Sharpen your skills take after take
Receive individual feedback on your work
Learn about close-ups, continuity and auditioning
Take your first step toward the silver screen

Class Format: Online
Nov. 10-19 (4 classes)

Tuesday + Thursday
6-7 p.m.   
Age: 16+
Limit: 12 participants
Instructor: TBA

Acting II: The Process

Build on your foundation
Gain confidence with acting techniques through practice
Create dynamic relationships and emotional reality
Move a scene/monologue forward with positive expectations
Dig into different ways to approach a scene

Class Format: Online
Nov. 9-18 (4 classes)

Monday + Wednesday

6-7 p.m.
Ages: 16+
Limit: 12 participants
Instructor: Greg Williams, Jr.