Main Auditorium – Independence Park Theatre


Due to the current pandemic guidelines for the state of Louisiana, the auditorium and facility is not availible for rental.
Seating 780, Independence Park Theatre is ideally suited to accommodate musicals, ballet, concerts, plays, meetings, lectures, and films – virtually any popular entertainment event.
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Our largest space, the Main Auditorium, features raised seating on the main floor and balcony. The theatre is segmented into the orchestra and balcony levels. Restrooms and concessions are located in the lobby. For questions about any of the rental terms, please call Miriam Smith at (225) 216-0660, or e-mail
If you are interested in renting this facility, click here to download the Independence Park Theatre’s Usage and Rental Application.


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Commercial Rates:
  • $950.00 per 4-hour period
  • $1,350.00 per 8-hour period
  • $150.00 each additional hour
Non-Profit Rates:
  • $750.00 per 4-hour period
  • $950.00 per 8-hour period
  • $150.00 each additional hour
Damage Deposit:
  • $500.00 per rental
  • $250.00 nonrefundable application fee will be due when submitting the completed rental application. The application fee will be applied to the invoice as a security deposit should the rental move forward.
  • Usage Fee + 100% of the estimated labor/equipment rental on or before contract due date.
  • $500.00 Damage Deposit due three months before event date.

Proof of $1 million Comprehensive General Liability / Personal Injury Liability insurance policy must be provided by the requested due date that will be provided in the contract agreement. LICENSEE’s insurance policy shall be endorsed to designate “BREC, Independence Park Theatre, Commissioners of Baton Rouge Recreation and Park Commission, the Parish of East Baton Rouge and their employees, officers, directors, and volunteers. Also, Baton Rouge Recreation and Park Commission’s employees, officers, directors, and volunteers.” as an additional insured on LICENSEE’s policy.

Staff Fees

All events, unless otherwise specified by the Theatre Managing Director, must use the following BREC technicians at the corresponding rate. Additional technicians shall be scheduled on a need basis and are outlined in the contract. Minimum call times are four (4) hours for technical. Show/Performance call is four (4) hours and may not start before 1 hour prior to curtain

  • Audio Engineer = $35.00 per hour
  • Box Office Attendant (if ticketed event) = $20.00 per hour
  • House Manager = $25.00 per hour
  • House Attendant = $20.00 per hour
  • Lighting Board Programmer = $30.00 per hour
  • Spotlight Operator = $25.00 per hour
  • Stage Manager = $30.00 per hour
  • Stagehand = $25.00 per hour
  • Technical Director = $30.00 per hour

All labor shall be charged at a four hour minimum. Additional technicians shall be scheduled on a need basis and are outlined in the contract.

Equipment and Event Fees
  • Podium = $25.00
  • Projector and screen = $275.00
  • Hanging Banner/Backdrop = $75.00
  • Lavaliere Microphone = $75.00
  • Wireless Microphone (1 included w/ rental) = $50.00
  • Corded Microphone = $20.00
  • PCC/Choral Microphone = $20.00
  • Piano = $150.00
  • Spotlight = $50.00
  • Set-up & Strike Fee (includes tables & chairs) = $75.00 per rental
  • Custodial Fee = $75.00 per event

BREC’s Independence Park Theatre offers, but does not require, tickets to be sold using BREC’s Independence Park Theatre’s ticketing system. If you are interested in using BREC’s Independence Park Theatre’s ticketing service, please let us know.


Copies of all publicity must be provided to the Theatre Managing Director before being released.

Camera/video Usage must be approved by the Theatre Managing Director.

  • Non-profit rates require proof of non-profit status
  • Non-smoking facility
  • No alcohol or drugs on premises without Theatre Manager’s approval
  • No outside catering/concessions unless approved by Theatre Managing Director
  • No food or drink allowed backstage
  • No strollers or other aisle obstructions allowed inside the auditorium
  • Nothing to be hung on walls, doors, etc.
  • Wireless Internet Access