Auditions – Independence Park Theatre

Please remember that every camper must perform thier auditions. Every camper will participate in each aspect of auditioning. That means, each camper will perform a monolouge, song and dance audition (song and dance portion will only be for Musical Theatre Camp). There will be no exceptions.

Select Your Monolouge

Select a monolauge from the choices provided below, or feel free to choose your own. The monoluge must stay within a 45 second time frame. Please have the monolouge you select memorized to the best of your ability. You cannot bring the monolouge in with you to read or look at during your audition. Remember to speak clearly, projecting your voice, show emotions and show us your charachter. It is normal to feel nervous and scared, but do not worry…we are here to support you! Take a deep breath and show us what you’ve got!

Monolouge Selections: Ages 12 – 16

Call Backs

Call Backs can happen on the first day of camp or at the very beginning of the secdon day. We are hoping to have them completed the first day. Call Backs are when we select certain Camp-Cast members to perfrom certain aspects and charachters from the producation. Their can be a range reason to recive a Call Back, from acting, singing, dancing or a combination of two or all of these things. Call Back resourses will be given when we start Call Backs. Please, please remeber that, just because you did not recive a Call Back…doesn’t mean that you are not being considered for a role. 

Cast List

We are hoping to email the Cast List after camp ends on the first day. If we can stay focused and keep on top of our time, we should be able to do this. Worse case scenario, we send out a Call Back list and get Call Backs knocked out first thing on the second day of camp. Either way, we will go into official rehersals on day two of camp.